Saturday, September 21, 2013

Clothes Conundrum

I need help!

I have blogged before about how my daughter is going through early puberty.  I have also gotten comments from readers  that I am violating my daughter's privacy by doing so.  To be honest, I worry about that too, but in this particular situation, the evidence is there for all the world to see.  

My 9 year old daughter has C-cups and I am having a very difficult time dressing her.  

She is tall for her age and now is in size 13 pants and can't fit into children's sized tops anymore.  They are lot long enough.  So this summer, I bought her XS adult size (in Europe there is no such thing as junior sizes and from what I saw in the US over the summer, there isn't much there either).  

The problem is that while my daughter's chest and her torso are adult sized, her shoulders are still kid sized.  So, no matter the neckline, round necked, scoop necked, what have you, every single kind of top I put her in shows cleavage.  I thought I would solve the problem by putting her in a tank-top sports bra to have   a layered look, but a lot of the times her top falls off her shoulder and her cleavage still shows.  

As if that were not complicated enough, my daughter has autism and cannot wear anything but cotton and I cannot put her in blouses because she has a fine motor skill delay and cannot button-buttons which means she has a hard time changing clothes for gym and for her sports/therapy group. 

A friend of mine suggested that I let her wear a zipped up hoodie every day to school but for one thing my daughter isn't crazy about hoodies, she considers them jackets and takes them off as soon as she is inside and secondly, I just feel like it sends the message that she should be ashamed of her body.  Her cleavage is a fact of life, we cannot change it (at least not without invasive medical measures, all of which are nuts to consider for a 9 year old girl).    

It feels like everything I put her in makes her look like some kind of child-woman.  A girl with a 9 year old face and a 16 year old body.   I just don't know how I could dress her in a way that doesn't look sexualized but at the same time shows her not to be ashamed of her body?

Anyone who has any experience in this, hit me up in the comments or go to my Facebook or Twitter and leave me a post.  

Damn, I wish I would have paid attention when we did sewing in home-ec class!  

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  1. How about looking for a good seamstress or dressmaker? Between the three of you, you will find the answer. Good luck