Saturday, June 16, 2012

Face Saving, Jenny McCarthy Style

Just when I thought I got taking the high road down pat.

Then Jenny McCarthy has to open her mouth - no doubt to earn cash and to ridicule anyone who doesn't agree that she is a fucking stupid idiot with her and her band of supporters.

Read the shot heard around the autistic world here.

I wasn't going to make a blog post about this, because I wanted to take the high road and this stupid woman is not worthy of appearing on my blog.

So I tried a Facebook rant instead with a boatload of colorful language and hostility.  That felt good for a second.

But of course that wasn't enough, so here I am.

As if the autism community didn't have enough problems with finger pointing, judgment, misinformation, snake oil salesmen and the fight to get services for our kids.  We have to put up with Jenny McCarthy too?

And even worse - those not that familiar with autism probably thinks that this person speaks for me?

Her basic premise is that anyone that doesn't agree that autism can be cured through biomeds and scary stuff like chelation therapy does so because we're not really interested in helping our children. We're apparently getting too much satisfaction from playing the victim and are upset because we don't have time to go to the beach or hang out with our friends.

I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.  I know what my life is about and what my motivations are and not Jenny McCarthy or anyone else has the power to shake that tree.

Nope, instead I'd like to talk for a few minutes about what I think Jenny McCarthy's motivations are.

I've never seriously investigated biomed interventions, I've read a few articles about gluten and casein free diets.  But, the reason why it's never gone further is simply because Maya doesn't have these kind of issues.  If she did have gut issues or if her moods and issues varied with the foods she ate, I might look into it, I might even do it.  But as it is, time, patience and a lot of support from those around her are helping Maya.

I just don't believe that there is a cure.  If there was it would be supported by legitimate science.  I'm no scientist and the first to tell you there is a lot of misinformation out there and I am not even sure I know on it's face what is legitimate science (but good thing I have a brother in law who is an accomplished professor in organic chemistry to run things past).

What's that saying - if you're not smart, surround yourself with smart people?  Well,  it's a good thing that lots of smart people like my cooking.

And I know that the Pharma industry is only interested in cures if they generate profits and that even legitimate in science does not always take the moral high ground.  People can be motivated by greed, by fame, by status.  Doctors can, scientists can.

Hell, even Jenny McCarthy can.

Listen, who am I?  I am just a mom with an autistic child who is trying to do the best she can every day to help her child.  What do I know?

Probably not all that much.

But what I do know is that Jenny McCarthy does not speak for me and she gives autism a bad name.

Maybe she did cure her son, maybe curing his Candida did cure him.  I hope she did.  Although if she did I wonder why it is that she needs to pose in Playboy yet again to pay his tuition to his so called "typical" school and why she reports to Howard Stern that his tuition costs 100K per year?

Phillips Andover, one of the nation's leading Prep schools costs 32K per year.  And that is a college prepatory school,you  graduate from a school like this and walk right into the Ivy League and those Halliburton-type connections.

Jenny McCarthy's son isn't high school age, so what could that 100K be paying for?

No one ever sees this kid.  I'm willing to bet it's not because Jenny McCarthy's morality is above famewhoring her kid.  I have no doubt that if she had indeed cured him, he'd be right there next to her taking his place as the cute, tow-headed poster child for curing autism.

I'll bet it's because he's not cured.

Jenny has gone way out on a limb, her celebrity, now that she is no longer the girlfriend of an A-lister like Jim Carrey, is now solely based on her stance on autism.  Autism has made her a celebrity, and it's her income, people join her foundation, she sells books, she makes public appearances and when that isn't enough money, she poses in Playboy.

Autism is her meal ticket.  No way she is going to risk that by saying her kid is still autistic.

No way.

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